KJ Creative doesn’t just produce commercials, but also collaborates with brands to conceptualize, produce, and maximize their potential. Commercials are anywhere from 15-60 seconds and revolve around a single concept with the goal of brand awareness, growth and brand loyalty.



KJ Creative specializes in 3-10 minute videos that capture true and authentic stories of real people pursuing their passions, working through hardships, and celebrating victories. Stories captured cinematically draw the viewer in so they will not just get on board with heart of the brand, but share the story with others. We at KJ Creative believe this is the most powerful form of video marketing.


Social Media

Today, brands are realizing more and more the importance of having a social presence. They put a lot of effort into script and photography, but know the value of video, whether it’s a 15 second clip of something cool on Instagram, or a “5 easy steps” video on Facebook, the potential for social media videos are endless. A picture is worth 1,000 words – but a video is worth 1,000 pictures.


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Brand Essence

Every brand needs to share their story of why they exist. Brand essence videos are 1-3 minute videos that share the brand’s roots, it’s mission, and where it’s headed. Once someone knows the why behind the what, consumers become advocates.


Web Videos

Once a company creates a brand essence video, the next step is to go deeper. Web videos can be anything from tutorials and training, to informative explanatory videos, to promotional and recaps of events, to everything in between. We very often hear, “We don’t have any video needs right now.” The truth is, every brand has problems they are working through, whether it’s gaining awareness, training employees, pitching to other clients, the list goes on and videos are a tool to help solve those problems.



KJ Creative has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through video. We have seen a direct correlation between the amount and quality of videos used and the amount of money a non-profit raises. It’s a proven method to raise awareness and more money for causes. We collaborate with non-profits to film stories locally and overseas to share their vision and mission.